Zetios Properties Limited

Assistant Manager

  • Company & Trends

  • Introduction

    Zetios Properties Limited originated in EU back in 2009. We are an international company that deals with collective investments into real estate. We act as a mediator between real estate markets and clients. Our representatives have been developing and maintaining long-lasting relationships with numerous property owners, real estate representatives and vendors all over the world.

  • Currently

    Right now we are carrying out a U.S. hiring campaign for the Assistant Manager position. We are searching for candidates that are willing to begin their career in the real estate investment business and experience a long-term professional development with a room for growth. Those who lack experience in this particular field can apply for this position as well. All previous experience will be taken into consideration, though it will not determine the final decision and the job offer itself.

    Zetios Properties Limited is a recently registered U.S. Subsidiary (check 'Legal Ground' for Dept. of State registry link). Local presence advanced the implementation of exclusive techniques that have been developing since the foundation. Moreover, vast knowledge of local regulations and real estate market allowed us to establish a representative office for further promotion of our services and constant client support in the U.S.

    Although the Central Office is located in EU, our local office is in Way Cary, NC. We are looking for trustworthy employees who would like to stay with the company for a long time and grow to be its most important asset.

    If you think this position matches your skills and desires, don't hesitate submit your application!

  • Application & Interview

  • Application & Interview

    Employment Application Procedure

    Before joining our management team you will need to fill out and submit the application form. Be advised that after submitting your application it will be instantly delivered to the HR Dept.

    Inteview and Approval

      You will be contacted by a company representative for a phone interview within 2 business days after you submit the online employment application.

    • If you pass the interview you will be sent an email invitation to the Online Back-Office System.
    • Personal copy of the Employment Agreement will be shared in this system after you sign up.
    • A Personal Manager will be assigned to help with any questions before you submit a signed copy.

    • Please, make sure you read through the position overview and company description carefully as well as double check the info in your application form. Please contact us via email if you have any issues or questions. We will do our best to help you.

  • Position Description

  • Basic Information

    Assistant Manager is a permanent home-based position:

    • Employees are working with existing company clients database
    • List of clients is formed and managed by employee's Personal Manager
    • Personal Manager is assigned after the registration in the corporate system
    • Workload scales as employees progress
    • Equal Opportunity Employment with room for growth
    • Paid training

    Work/Training is conducted in the Online Back-Office System:

    • Certified Security Software provides reliable protection measures
    • User-friendly UI (similar to a social network)
    • Operational on any browser
    • The Back-Office System is installed on Company-owned servers

  • Duties and responsibilities

    • Performing daily operations: working with documentation, processing client-related paperwork, communicating with active clients and company representatives.
    • Monitoring corporate system account for new messages or assignments. (per created time-table)
    • Monitoring work account activity. Processing assets from the work account upon provided instructions.
    • Managing clients' investment requests, assisting clients with investment contracts.
    • Processing assets using financial institutions and options selected by the client.
    • Assisting in control and processing of the investment deals within the designated time frames.
    • Collecting financial documentation and filing reports necessary to finalize each investment contract and operations associated with it.
    • Acting in accordance to and under the treaty of the "trust assets management agreement", which provides legal authorization to perform transfers on behalf of the company for company clients.
    • Performing research in employee local area (city, state).
    • Submitting all reports to an assigned manager in the corporate system.
    • Protecting operations by keeping financial and corporate information confidential.
    • Acquiring equipment and accessories for home office (if necessary)

    U.S. Assistant Manager will also be helping in reduction of overheads of taxation expenses. We have developed this program and implemented the corporate system to improve control over the status of investment operations in real-time scenarios. Thus high quality service under extreme time limitations is no longer an unachievable goal. Employees are working with their accounts (probation period only). It allows us to monitor transactions in real time and immediately report the investment status.

  • Payment & Benefits

  • Payment & Benefits

    Payroll And Calculations

    Salary is $25/h (fixed)

    • Not negotiable
    • Not affected by part-time or full-time
    • Not affected by employee's previous experience
    • If no tasks are given during a certain day, daily income is calculated based on 4h/day.
    • Payroll is conducted via direct deposit

    Flexible Performance Bonus System

    We have also developed the Flexible Performance Bonus System which forms the other part of employee's payroll. This system goes as an addition to the salary income and neither the salary payroll is affected by the bonuses nor vice versa. Bonuses are calculated separately and depend on the client type, investment contract amount, general contract conditions, etc. Certainly the amount is influenced by employee's speed and amount of corrections that were made. Detailed information will be provided during the training period.


    • Stock options.
    • 401k.
    • Health & Dental.
    • Professional Development Programs.
    • Paid vacation time, 4 weeks/calendar year. (Available in 8 month after the end of the employee's probation period)

    *Detailed information concerning the employment benefits will be provided after probationary period successful completion.

    Schedule And Flexibility

    • Employees choose their work hours themselves based on given terms and conditions
    • Company operational days: Mon - Fri
    • Time-frame to choose the work hours from is 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. employee's timezone
    • Required Min - 20 hours per week
    • Change of availability hours can be done at the end of each week
    • Work hours may not be consequent if an employee requires a break
    • Unavailability must be marked in the time-table following guidelines (provided at registration)
    • Extra hours for an additional bonus payment can be offered beforehand if an urgent contract or request occurs. Conditions are discussed prior to accepting any extra work
    • No extra hours "on request"

  • Requirements & Probation

  • Requirements


    • Excellent verbal communication and the ability to convey information clearly and effectively
    • Great listening skills, able to take direction from individuals in higher-level positions
    • Great interpersonal skills and customer service
    • Responsible, goal oriented and organized
    • Excellent time management
    • Strong attention to detail
    • Stable phone and Internet connections
    • Operational PC/Mac (stationary or laptop)
    • Tablet-PC is not recommended for correspondence management due to high info volumes

    Probation Period

    The start date is the beginning of an employee's probation period. It is the date you receive your first training manual from a Personal Manager. By the end of the probation period your PM will provide the HQ with the estimation of your productivity, summary of results, possible prospects, etc. The HR Dept. will analyze the report and the final decision will be based on that. The duration of the probation period depends on the hours stated in the time-table section of the corporate system.

  • FAQ

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Should I pay for anything at any stage to job application/work for this company?

    A: The answer is NO. We are aware of such low profile type of companies that charge applicants/employees, make them purchase training materials or "special" software. No, you will not be charged or asked to purchase any materials or software or anything else to work in this company. Requirements that were mentioned to successfully perform duties are given in the job description (cell phone, PC/Mac/laptop/tablet, Internet connection). These are common tools of a modern individual. In order to make things even easier as well as for safety reasons, we have developed our corporate system in a website shape (mobile version available), which does not require high-end hardware. Everything else is provided by the company.

    Q: I have many years of experience and I can/will be a great asset to the company. Will this increase my starting salary rate or give me any starting bonuses?

    A: No. We never change entering conditions for single individuals under any circumstances with all due respect to their experience/background/etc. Even though we prefer warm and friendly environment among possible and existing peers, showing soft and flexible approach towards ones needs, we are strict when it comes to Company policies and not even a single person can neglect those without consequence. Policies are implemented the way they exist now for a reason and with a purpose that may not be obvious at a glance.

    Let me explain it giving you "why" change of salary is impossible:

    • Internal paperwork system between departments has its standards and it's much easier to process it when there amount of "custom infill" is minimal.
    • We tend to be trusting, but we check everything. We believe that an employee in real-time action shows much more than ones can say of themselves or any testimonial or third-party reference can give.
    • Entering requirements are rather low. We do not demand any significant experience in the first place as well as we do not force anyone to accept offered conditions if they are not as good as expected.
    • We provide paid training that covers everything employees (even with "zero" experience) in the field needs to know to start with us.
    • Offered conditions are fair and give any employee an opportunity to do their job well, preserve time and efforts and optimize their workload and work process.

    We do understand that this may sound rather straightforward and strict but there is also a brighter side:

    • We provide great flexibility of the schedule. You develop your own time-table within the offered time-frames and regulations
    • Salary rate doesn't change no matter you work p-t or f-t
    • Residential location is not of high importance as this is a home-based position. Relocation will not affect your employment status
    • No gas expenses or traveling time back and forth to an office location every working day
    • Possibility to move within or up in the company in year using our own Professional Development Programs

    Q: "Too good to be true" VS "Less than I expected" issue

    A: Yes, this is not a question, though it's a very important thing to mention. We have equal entering conditions for everyone. Relativity forms point of view. Bear in mind that your estimation is subjective and based on your unique personality which is influenced by numerous factors. Each state in the US has its unique infrastructure with social and economical development level which affects the prices for everything. It's crucial to remember that to be married to smb, having a child or even several children and being a single, career-oriented individual are drastically different cases that influence your attitude as well. Many men - many minds. We hope that our point of view was useful.

    Q: This is a home-based position, so how can you make sure that I do what is required of me?

    A: The corporate system of the company logs all your activity within the system and we are able to check any moment of your activity beginning from your registration up-to-date. This is a certified system so it acts as a legal proof of your work and your payroll is processed accordingly.

    Q: How much time does it take to start?

    A: Usually not more than a business week after the phone interview.

    Q: "If there were no tasks during a certain day, daily income is calculated as for 4 hours per day". How often does that happen?

    A: Rarely. From the moment you are employed your workload will be scaled. This means that we'll start with little workload adding more as you progress.